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Scientific processing procedure
Order confirmation-confirming the drawing paper-purchasing the materials-materials heating treatment-rough processing-fine processing-checking the dimension-heat treatment-final griding processing-product inspection-laser printing-Antirust oil-packaging(material warranty,heat treatment report, processing dimension sheet)

Advanced processing center and technician team
All our products are crafted in the professional heat treatment factory in Nanjing,which is the same one with Coperion China,plus the most advanced technology including vacuum heat treatment technology and surface nitriding technology and advanced machinery process center like CNC vertical machining center, CNC horizontal thread grinding machine and CNC spline milling machine what can monitor by coordinate measuring instrument.Compared to other supplier in this field ,we have high standard testing center in China.
Our high efficiency team is Leaded by the founder of cordwood screw elements in China, Mr. rongguo Li.We’ve formed efficient, scientific and reliable technology procedure and acknowledged by those world’s leading extruder manufacturers. From the very beginning of receiving an order, our manufacture is strictly according to the drawings,to ensure the quality and each technical index reach 100% by scientific circling inspection and QC by professional inspectors .

High quality material
screw element:
1.PH-Hip material from Europe(highly wear-resistance powder metallurgical steel)-X245 and WR5.Because of extremely high wear-resistance, high torque and anti-popping, this material is often used to manufacturing international advanced twin-screw extruder which can stand the high-wearing environment. For example, produce the engineering plastic with more than 50% fiber.
2.PH-Hip material system from Europe(excellent corrosion resistance
and extremely high-wearing)X235 and WR10.This material with extremely corrosion resistance and high wear-resistance, high-torque and anti-popping is often used to produce international advanced twin-screw extruder working in corrosion-resistance and high- wearing environment.
3.High speed steel(W6Mo5Cr4V2 and M2).Screw elements made of this material, after heating treatment in vacuum and overall hardening, will be high-wearing and tenacity, so these screw elements are suitable for producing fiberglass, high loaded engineering plastics and wood plastic composites.
4.High-carbon chromium steel after cold treatment (SKD11).Screw elements made of this material, after heating treatment in vacuum and overall hardening, will be high-wearing and tenacity, so these screw elements are used in the normal extruder.
5.Nitrided steel(38CrMoAlA).Screw elements made of this material will be high hardness ,extremely toughness, anti-corrosion and wrinkleless. This material is used to produce normal and reciprocating screw elements which with hard external and soft internal.
6.Hard alloy with carbonized titanium steel(GT35). Screw elements made of this material will be extremely high hardness(HRC>72) and low toughness. 8 to 10 times as hard as normal steel.GT35 is usually used to produce screw elements of thermoplastic extruder.
7.Hastelloy C-276(00Cr16Mo16W4).It's an extremely anticorrosive nickel alloy that is used to manufacture the screw elements of F46 extruder.
8.Martensitic iron stainless steel (440C) is used to manufacturing food extruder which is anti-corrosion and antirust.

special screw elements:
General with Europe technology manufactures eccentric screw elements which could create high pressure and fully stir the plastic. The plastic material could be fully dispersed, quick propel, and intensive mixed. SME,ZME, TME etc all kinds of screw elements are required by different customers.
A.“S” screw elements could raise plasticizing efficiency greatly. These screw elements could finish plasticizing in small barrel with lower energy. S type screw elements could create similar pressure and same speed compare with kneading block with same length.
B.Mixing blocks with lower energy consumption. “S” screw elements have high plasticizing efficiency. It is beneficial to produce thermo-sensitive material.
C.Kneading block with two heads turn to three heads by our technical performance can improve fullness, dispersion and reduce excessive shearing.
D.SME: It can form leakage, improve dispersion and lower cutting hot.
E.ZME: Creating the biggest interface numerical with minimal energy.
F.TME:TME mainly has special function on cutting and dispersion. TME could reduce cutting heat and improve the dispersion. Tooth plate as a obstruction, It will slow down groove patency. What's more important, the tooth plate will strengthen axial back mixing ability.
General is also good at producing different screw elements which meeting different customer requirements.

1. Integrated barrel is made of Nitrided steel (38CrMoAlA)
2. Separate barrel is composed of 45# steel housing and double C alloy liner.
3. High anti-abrasive integrated barrel is composed of 45# steel housing and high speed steel (W6Mo5Cr4V2) liner.
4. Extremely high abrasion resistant and strong corrosion resistant barrel is composed of 45# steel housing and HIP material liner (powder metallurgical tool steel) X260HTM or WR13.
5.Barrel is composed of 45# steel housing and HIP material liner (powder metallurgical tool steel) X260WHTM.
6.Barrels are composed of Hastelloy C-276(00Cr16Mo16W4). Extruders with this kind of barrels are always used to produce fluoroplastics.

Shafts are made of round steel-40CrNiMo
Shafts made of round steel- 40CrNiMo with great heating treatment have highly hardness(HV>30) and torque.
Shafts made of round steel- 40CrNiMo have special anticorrosive coating.
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