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Customer First, Prompt Delivery
--cooperation with General starts with discussion of the drawing paper
Each time we receive an order, we’ll come up with the most efficient production and testing plan. Within the shortest time possible, our excellent service team will give you the drawing paper and a price analysis. They can also provide the most sophisticated improvement for your machines, which will lead to the maximum production efficiency.
Our service concept is to gain the customers’ approval, for we can deliver the most precise and wear-resistant extruder accessories to you.

Good product is based on good material
--General select suitable material for you
As a professional manufacturer of twin-screw extruder’s accessories, we have various high-quality materials for your choice. The hard alloy steel, which was newly developed in the world, coupled with our advanced processing technic, will prove one good choice.
According to your different requirements for abrasion resistance and anti-corrosion, our technicians will suggest the best combination of materials for you. Whether it is hardened, nitrided steel or powder metal materials, we can cater to your needs.
General can also provide the latest technology in improving the wear-resistance of threaded sleeve surface. Whatever your needs are for the products, we’ll try our best to satisfy them.

Excellent before and after sales service
--Perfect Service makes us outstanding

With rich experience and professional expertise, our engineers are able to come up with appropriate programs tailored to each machine for replacing screw elements and other special accessories,and for the combination of the screws.We can pick the most suitable material for you,find out the most precise procession technic to solve your production problems ,improve your extrusion efficiency and assist your business to growth.
All the materials arriving at our factory have to go through purification and testing before they are used in production. For the vacuum heat treatment of each batch of products, we’ll keep the corresponding comparison records to ensure they reach 100% precision as you required. Even those products coming out from the CNC processing center are no exception, which will be compared and corrected by us for accuracy.
We can provide perfect pre-sale ,mid-sale ,after-sale service with our cooperating experience with world’s leading terminal enterprises. We can stock separately depending on your equipment condition, so that we can meet your normal production requirements ,but also can reduce the cost for your company.
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